About Us

First of all, LitGrip.com is made by skaters, for skaters. We hope by adding real value in skateboarding that we can earn the respect of skaters everywhere as the #1 source for everything griptape – especially custom grip tape. We sell all of the major griptape brands and feature the newest designs, but we also have an awesome website where you can design your own grip online without needing any technical knowhow or software like Photoshop or anything like that. We hope this enables skaters everywhere to rock their own kick ass grip tape visibly so that everyone knows who really owns skateboarding, and it’s not the brand names; it’s the skaters.

Custom Grip Made One at a Time With YOUR Graphics.

In addition to selling all the major griptape brands, we also offer custom printed griptape services. Our customers can get custom printed griptape by designing a print on our site, and then we’ll print it onto the grip chosen from the store. This includes uploading photos, text and images of your own.

Skater Rant

With all of the corporate bullsh*t that is being mass produced and going on in the skate industry and peddled for cheap at major retail stores in the mall, almost all skaters can agree that at it’s core that’s not what skaters want because it’s bland, soulless, lacking individuality and roots, feels obviously manufactured and unsubstantial to an insulting level, and feels like it’s lost touch completely with actual skaters and longboarders that are out in the streets and at parks. Most of all, we think that should change. We want to help all skaters take back our sport and it starts with breaking free of all that crap until the sales are so bad they simply give up. Creativity can help a peaceful (and visually entertaining) takeover of the sport that the fans should always know they own and have always owned. WE decide what to ride, we push down the street, not them, so we should decide how what we ride looks and own that creative freedom.

Show them Who Really Owns Skateboarding With Creativity.

We think that with creative freedom we can actually make an impact by fostering creativity to overcome this cancerous corporate money-driven takeover of the skateboard industry’s products and culture. What’s the opposite of boring corporate bullsh*t? Creative individuals rocking their own one-of-a-kind art, that’s what – at least that’s what we would think is the polar opposite. Instead of mass-produced – one. Just one. Or maybe a few. But not 100,000 jammed into every mall with some crappy marketing design on it – no skaters want to be spoon fed this crap. Compare that to a custom grip tape that is rad a-f at the skatepark go by, some random girl or guy riding it. This is basically the greatest thing ever. You see their individuality, you see their effort, you see an openness and a creative side, a braveness, a confidence to be yourself a little bit more than the mall brand. If they nail a trick right there while you’re looking at their custom grip? Multiplier. 10x factor as you actually feel something new. This is real life, people! You don’t need a “screen” to show your style when people are looking directly at your feet!

Creativity is a Power to Let’m Know Skaters Own Skateboarding.

If there’s one thing better than buying your local skate shop’s grip tape, it’s customizing your own. This has always made an impression on me when I would see people skating with their own custom grip as a kid and I never forgot it. To this day if I see a custom grip I cheer for them as they skate down the street and both our team and I have a mission to give every skater this power, making it as easy and as cheap as we can make it, to eliminate the barrier to getting everyone an awesome, professionally printed grip tape to rock around on any board you want to make it yours and say “f that boring crap, this is one my design” – whatever that means to you – and one board at a time, let all the corporate d’s know that we’ve taken back skateboarding.

Freedom of Expression Conquers Bullsh*t

We hope that with our customized grip services more skaters everywhere can express themselves in printed form. We are fueling the skater fire providing accessibility for art as a form of expression that is opposite and adds immense value to what is typical boring mass production and this ability can never be taken away from the true skate culture that is out there getting at it every day.

Turn “Kooks and Posers” Into Actual Skaters and Change the World

Kooks don’t take the time to make a rad custom grip, they just ride what their mom buys them at the mall the one time it hits the pavement, credit card themselves, and put it away forever. It takes a real skater to give a F enough to rock a custom grip they made themselves, take the time to design it and apply it to a deck, especially after credit carding one’s self and deciding to get back on anyway and say “F this I am not giving up”. No “poser” has ever done that nor ever installed their own grip tape, for that matter. Ever. Fact. They sure as hell haven’t gone one further and designed their OWN custom grip tape, and then installed it on their board. If they have, well chances are they’re aren’t a poser anymore and now actually skate and now are about to be shedding that lame status by shredding a lot more, and probably graduating from poser to the next level: bonafide Beginner. That’s the effect every skater should want to have on posers and kooks who don’t skate anymore – to get back out there and actually try. Add a sick custom grip to this equation and it gets even better, because now they’re officially a Beginner with a Rad Board (that’s an official title now), which is proven to make being a beginner skater even more fun, when you look down to balance and see your own sick artwork there every time, it’s a good feeling. Imagine if all the kooks and posers turned into actual beginner skaters? They would be humbled and more down to earth and probably better people, and the world would obviously be a better place.

In Real Life It’s Epic and Life Changing

It’s true, though, because the real news of the century is that custom grip tape is even better in real life than it sounds on paper. Once you step on the colors that you yourself get to manifest thru this crazy interweb straight from your own brain something magical happens where art and nature and speed and danger all just shred together in harmony and a powerful chemistry ignites that revitalizes your soul, connects the right and left sides of your brain, lights up all parts of your thoughts, decalcifies your pineal gland, and maybe the best part – makes skating even more fun than ever and makes you want to skate even more than before. It’s inspiring and uplifting to ride on your own creativity, literally, and you really won’t understand until you try it, but it’s good for your heart, mind, and soul.

We Want Your Feedback

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

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